Monday, April 4, 2011

Why The Vancouver 2.0 Pilot Project

To ask "why the Vancouver 2.0 Pilot Project", means asking why sustainable change, and by extension, what is 'sustainable'?
Vancouver 2.0 is a pilot organization that is dedicated to developing the kind of culture that can continually ask that question, and develop the leadership that can respond and act on that question.

To ask what is sustainable also means having the broad based and deep capacity to examine the big picture landscape that we as people, our organizations, and our region are going to have to have operate in for the coming years, and decades. This means the social landscape, the economic landscape, and the environmental landscape. In today's world of globalization, no person, no organization, no city region acts in isolation. How we act and what we do affects not just our immediate social networks across personal, organizational and regional boundaries, but our actions ripple across an entire world, with a spectrum of positive and negative affects.

Being sustainable means not just having a deep understanding of the nature of change the world is experiencing, but more than that, being sustainable means having the courage to truly lead sustainable organizations.

To develop truly sustainable organizations, be they public or private, means asking ourselves the hard questions: "how sustainable are we really?", and having the courage to take the hard and corrective processes and actions necessary to maintain sustainability.

Developing sustainable personal lifestyles, sustainable organizations, and sustainable regions, it needs to be understood this is not a one off event, seminar, or rallying speech, it's a lifelong commitment to a process. The Vancouver 2.0 project is an organization whose purpose is to be dedicated to that process, and one dedicated to providing the vast array of resources and philosophical guidance to enable people, organizations, and this city to maintain the quest to remain sustainable.

There are many paths and components to the art and practice of sustainability. The early focus of Vancouver 2.0 will be on the kind of leadership qualities needed to lead sustainable organizations and city regions, and on the kind of broad based innovation needed to be a leading sustainable organization, and a leading sustainable city and region.

As this is the very early inception of this project, we here at Vancouver 2.0 are looking for the kinds of people that have what it takes to help develop and lead an organization of this quality and scope.

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