Monday, April 4, 2011

Why The Vancouver 2.0 Pilot Project

To ask "why the Vancouver 2.0 Pilot Project", means asking why sustainable change, and by extension, what is 'sustainable'?
Vancouver 2.0 is a pilot organization that is dedicated to developing the kind of culture that can continually ask that question, and develop the leadership that can respond and act on that question.

To ask what is sustainable also means having the broad based and deep capacity to examine the big picture landscape that we as people, our organizations, and our region are going to have to have operate in for the coming years, and decades. This means the social landscape, the economic landscape, and the environmental landscape. In today's world of globalization, no person, no organization, no city region acts in isolation. How we act and what we do affects not just our immediate social networks across personal, organizational and regional boundaries, but our actions ripple across an entire world, with a spectrum of positive and negative affects.

Being sustainable means not just having a deep understanding of the nature of change the world is experiencing, but more than that, being sustainable means having the courage to truly lead sustainable organizations.

To develop truly sustainable organizations, be they public or private, means asking ourselves the hard questions: "how sustainable are we really?", and having the courage to take the hard and corrective processes and actions necessary to maintain sustainability.

Developing sustainable personal lifestyles, sustainable organizations, and sustainable regions, it needs to be understood this is not a one off event, seminar, or rallying speech, it's a lifelong commitment to a process. The Vancouver 2.0 project is an organization whose purpose is to be dedicated to that process, and one dedicated to providing the vast array of resources and philosophical guidance to enable people, organizations, and this city to maintain the quest to remain sustainable.

There are many paths and components to the art and practice of sustainability. The early focus of Vancouver 2.0 will be on the kind of leadership qualities needed to lead sustainable organizations and city regions, and on the kind of broad based innovation needed to be a leading sustainable organization, and a leading sustainable city and region.

As this is the very early inception of this project, we here at Vancouver 2.0 are looking for the kinds of people that have what it takes to help develop and lead an organization of this quality and scope.

Vanvouver 2.0 Has a Wiki page!

We now have a wiki page, where much of the online development of this project will for now take place. If you want to join this project, and you have what it takes to help lead and develop a project of quality and scope, email me at

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our Philosophy.

The one constant is change. The one sustainable competitive edge for organizations and people alike is innovation, creativity and productivity that produces value for a client and customer base.
Our philosophy is to network the people and organizations of the greater Vancouver region in group environments both in physical space and in online space to develop the connections, team work and skills that continually foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, creativity to produce value and benifits for people as individuals, for organizations, and the Vancouver region itself.

The philosophy of the Vancouver 2.0 Social Business network rests upon the solid foundation of the latest in organizational science based upon the principles of sciences living systems, complexity economics, learning organizations and the rapidly evolving technologies of social medias.

The genesis of the Vanouver 2.0 Social Business network lies in a greater movement to respond to the challenges and opportunities the 21st century is bringing by creating the kinds of networks of people and organizational models that can innovate and adapt to the global trends.

Empowered employees, supply chains, contractors and client customer bases is one of those global trends that the Vancouver 2.0 Social Business network both drives and helps organizations adapt to these trends. Creating the leaders and social networks that can capture the knowledge and develop the trusted relationships that can create the innovative value for both the business and public organizations is the founding mandate of the Vancouver 2.0 Initiative.

Our natural mission is to continually grow, learn and connect the kinds of knowledge and skills that can drive the cycle of adaptive organizations that can thrive in any conditions the 21st century may bring.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our Goals, Our Purpose.

What we want for Vancouver 2.0 is for it to grow and develop it into the best social business network of it's kind in the world. 
We are going to do that by:
  •  creating ever deeper connections and relationships between the people and organizations of Vancouver, with a culture of learning, growing, innovating in regular meeting settings
  • developing creation platforms where you can grow and refine ways to advance your career, your ambitions, your dreams, whatever they may be
  • learn how to build the networks and teams where you can advance your projects and attract the kind of people that can make your career or personal dreams a reality
  • create dynamic networked relationships that can bring the right talent to the right organizations
  • create dynamic networked platforms where organizations can explore the leading edge theories of organization theory and transformation.
  • by being committed to creating high value for the organizations and people that belong
  • by creating purpose around being a innovative and driving force in continually ensuring the Vancouver region is the best place to live and work in the world
  • by being a leader in creating a sustainable economic and environmental world of the future
  • by being the most informed, best connected, most trusted relationship building social business network in the world
This reality can begin for you by committing yourself to the Vancouver 2.0 social business network. Join now, and be part of the pioneering group that takes this concept and leads it into the future! Build the future you want for your self by helping us build the best social business network in the world! It's win-win for you, the people of the Vancouver region, Vancouver's organization and our beautiful part of the world!

Start by attending the introductory presentation on February 17th, 7pm, at the downtown YWCA, 535 Hornby St!
See you then, see you there!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Presentation Poster--A Second Version

Vancouver 2.0
A Bold Vision for Our City and Region
A Bold Vision for Our Organizations
A Bold Vision for You
A New Kind of Social Network

We are combining the new sciences of organization, the principles of living systems, and social media technologies to create a richer, deeper kind of social network to connect and grow trusted relationships between the organizations and people of the Vancouver region.

We all benefit from a healthy, vibrant city. Vancouver 2.0 is an exciting new concept in social networks whose purpose is to:
  • create new connections between  people and  organizations with ideas and innovation!
  • tap into the under valued skills and talents we all have!
  • developing creation platforms!
  • grow your potential, grow your career, grow your life!
  • develop fresh insights into city economics!
  • developing online community and regular meetings!

We are looking for the creative talent that have a passion for life and growth who want to be part of growing this exciting new concept and opportunity!

An initial information meeting is being held at the YWCA, 535 Hornby St Vancouver on February 17th, 7pm. Seating is limited.

For further information and to register contact Gregory Esau, The Unconventional Consultant at:

Our February 17th Presentation!

The Vancouver 2.0 Initiative
A Bold New Vision for Our City and Region
A Bold New Vision for Our Organizations
A Bold New Vision for You

The Vancouver 2.0 Initiative is a new kind of social network to reach the potential in you, our organizations and our city and region.

Combining the new sciences of organization, the principles of living systems, and social media technologies, the Vancouver 2.0 Initiative aim is to create a richer, deeper kind of social network to connect and grow the relationships between the organizations and people of the Vancouver region.

We all benefit from a healthy, vibrant city. The purpose of the Vancouver 2.0 Initiative is to develop the creation platforms in both an online environment and in regular meeting environments where innovative connections can grow. It is our belief that there is a vast under used and under valued talent base that can be better developed and utilized to the benefit of us as people, and the quality of organizations. We and our city all benefit from the innovation and value that can be created in a dynamic network of people who want to build and develop the future we are heading towards.

If you are looking for more from your life and career, if your organization is looking for innovative ways to grow and prosper, The Vancouver 2.0 Initiative may be for you.

An initial information meeting is being held at the YWCA, 535 Hornby St, Vancouver on February 17th, 7pm. Seating is limited.

For further information, contact Gregory Esau, The Unconventional Consultant at

Friday, January 7, 2011

What is the Vancouver 2.0 Initiative

Hello, my name is Gregory Esau, and the Vancouver 2.0 Initiative is a project I am developing as a means and purpose of bringing together and harnessing the under used talent, skills and abilities of the people and organizations of the Vancouver as an ongoing collaborative process to continually develop the Vancouver region as being a leading model city in meeting the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. (whew, that's wordy)

Recently demographics tipped where as over 50% of the world's population now lives in cities. Of the challenges we face in the coming decades, creating and maintaining livable, thriving cities is going to be a major key in creating a sustainable life in the future.

What Vancouver 2.0 will become is a "creation platform" that will exist both in the online world and physical world where the people and organizations of Vancouver can co-mingle and create the collaborative culture to seed and develop innovative projects that insure Vancouver can and will be the leader in evolving the kind of city region that we will want it to be in a rapidly changing 21st century world.

We will create an online community where we can both develop deep understanding of the challenges the world, regions, peoples and organizations will face in the coming years, and also constantly create innovative solutions, projects and transformational change to address the challenges and thrive in the opportunities.  

It is an incredibly exciting project, with unlimited potential.
Anybody can participate, if you have a passion for our city and region, love the idea of learning and being part of something new and challenging, and bringing your knowledge and/or your skills to help create pool of resources where innovation and projects can emerge. We'll grow a deep and very rich network of amazing people and organizations in the process!!! It's win-win for all of us!

Keep following this space, and I will post regularly to help fill in the vision of what I want to create, and how you and/or your organization can help create it!

Gregory Esau
The Unconventional Consultant