Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our February 17th Presentation!

The Vancouver 2.0 Initiative
A Bold New Vision for Our City and Region
A Bold New Vision for Our Organizations
A Bold New Vision for You

The Vancouver 2.0 Initiative is a new kind of social network to reach the potential in you, our organizations and our city and region.

Combining the new sciences of organization, the principles of living systems, and social media technologies, the Vancouver 2.0 Initiative aim is to create a richer, deeper kind of social network to connect and grow the relationships between the organizations and people of the Vancouver region.

We all benefit from a healthy, vibrant city. The purpose of the Vancouver 2.0 Initiative is to develop the creation platforms in both an online environment and in regular meeting environments where innovative connections can grow. It is our belief that there is a vast under used and under valued talent base that can be better developed and utilized to the benefit of us as people, and the quality of organizations. We and our city all benefit from the innovation and value that can be created in a dynamic network of people who want to build and develop the future we are heading towards.

If you are looking for more from your life and career, if your organization is looking for innovative ways to grow and prosper, The Vancouver 2.0 Initiative may be for you.

An initial information meeting is being held at the YWCA, 535 Hornby St, Vancouver on February 17th, 7pm. Seating is limited.

For further information, contact Gregory Esau, The Unconventional Consultant at

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